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Is there a database that lists the tours of duty or possibly areas where individual ships had been? I am looking for ships that an ancestor could have been on by where it had sailed. Were powder monkeys listed as part of the crew?

When you say American Civil War Ships are you referring to union ships or are you asking about CSA?

As to your question about checking their logs, you can but you need a considerable information.  I will bet it is a yankee ship, are you Afro-American?

Have you thought about checking pensions?  He might have jumped ship but almost everyone felt they deserved that pension and went and applied for it.  A quick family tree, where he was born, settled after the war.  I promise it is going to be easier than this.

This is the site where you can find records of the yankee ships but without knowing which one, it is useless.  May-be if you know when he jumped ship at Martinique you could request a list of yankee ships that was in port , again a problem as you’re not going to know when he was there.

Here is an expert I use but I am afraid without something he will not be any more help than me.  Matthew Borders, National Park Service, 202- 354 - 2035

Would you like a bigger headache?  The US Navy lists 617 US ships during the war and I say that cannot be correct as we can document 500 Confederate Ships so someone either can’t count or they don’t consider every vessel as “under Flag”.

I usually don’t give out all my sources (just because I don’t want to wear out my welcome) but there is nothing I hate more than not resolving an issue.  May-be you can find a clue.
Knox, Dudley W. Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion . . . General Index. . . 1927.

U.S. Navy Department. Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion.

“Confederate States Navy Research Guide” by Thomas Truxtun Moebs

“Lifeline of the Confederacy” by Stephen R. Wise

“The Confederate States Navy” by Arthur Wyllie

“Civil War Chronology” Naval History Division, Navy Department

•   Porter, David D., Admiral. The Naval History of the Civil War. Secaucus, New Jersey: Castle, c1984. Includes lists of U.S. ships with names and ranks of officers starting on pages 36, 107, 242, 279, 293, 342, 387, 408, 429, 460, 490, 548, 596, 655, 658, 672, 681, 739, 770, 787, and 807. Digital version: Internet Archive. Original published: New York: Sherman Pub. Co., 1886, c1885. xvi, 843 p. : ill., maps. FHL fiche 6118735.FHL book 973 M3pd.

•   Navy Department. Naval History Division, compiler. Civil War Naval Chronology. 6 parts. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1961–65. FHL film 1550320. A chronological listing of the naval war and important events.

Paul is the real expert I have never been able to contact him.

Please do me, a favor and keep me informed?  This really upsets me, I am sorry I could not do more.  Would you consider copying me the obituary?

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