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I am looking for an address to e-mail a picture of a Steel Ball weight-19.4 lbs and 16 inches around. Has seams around the ball-and a round meatl on top of the ball about 1/4 inch highter than the rest of the ball..A Cap? Or something used to pick the ball up? It was un-earthed on our property this past weekend. we live near Camden, Arkansas..Someone said, cannon ball..Any help would be appreciated..Thanks

Here is the site for the tables for weights and sizes of smoothbore munitions,and you can see the dimensions you provided are not shown. Tables of Shot Information for Smoothbore Guns, Stands of Grape & Canister.

The seam normally indicate a Confederate ball (they had to make do and while they did a great job they still were behind in accuracy, misfires, production) but the description of a higher platform (I missed it the first time, the first time you described it) I would bet my bottom dollar  we are discussing a clock weight; counter balance or a pendulum weight.  I am sorry it is a let down. Best of luck in the future.   Gary.

I sent you some pictures see if they look like anything you described?

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