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Civil War/CSA Bill of Rights


QUESTION: Did the CSA have the same Bill of Rights as the Union? Was their gov the same as the Union?

ANSWER: Bradford I have answered this so many times I quit using my canned response and instead use these two web sites, basically what the Confederacy did was incorporate the original Bill of Rights into their constitution:  the difference between the Confederate and yankee Constitution, good example having differences spelled out.  Confederate Bill of Rights same thing just easier to read.

I assume this is your homework so if I remember correctly tomorrow they will ask what was the reason for the war?  They of course expect to see you answer, slavery.  I think you and I should argue the point.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I don't think that was the main reason. Just like Vietnam, there were different.
I was drafted, I was trying to stay alive.
I am doing research on my family.
I have one more Q .From Green Co Ky, to St Louis what route would they take. 1840-1855.

I am confused the original question was did the Confederacy have the same Bill of Rights as the Northerners and the answer was basically yes and it could be found in their Constitution; as I stated I used to write it out but found that site which spelled out not only what it stated but the differences with the unions.

Your addition question states something about a route?

I was in Nam to0; who were you with?

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