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I'm trying to locate an unidentified city in Louisiana that was abandoned during the Union approach on New Orleans. I figure I can identify it by looking up the generals or commanders that lead the Union approach on New Orleans and back track on their routes for cities not on modern maps. Perhaps you could help clarify for me if New Orleans was seized by one Union general or several commanders working in tangent?

The two main officers were General Benjamin F. Butler and Admiral David G. Farragut. I believe the city you are seeking is Baton Rouge.

You might find this interesting: “The Old drummer of Chalmette.
--The old negro drummer, Jordan, of historic fame as a drummer at the battle of New Orleans, in conformity with the order of Beast Butler, handed in a complete list of his property for confiscation by the Lincoln Government, and declared himself ‘"an society of the United States."’ The Louisiana Democrat says:
‘ Ten thousand of those citizens of New Orleans pretending to be loyal, who have swore allegiance to the United States, for the purpose of saving their property, must have blushed from shame when they saw this old negro voluntarily stripping himself of his hard-earned gains, and becoming penniless in the evening of his days, rather than yield obedience to a Government which has become an object of the contempt of the civilized world”.

The Daily Dispatch: November 28, 1862. Richmond Dispatch. 2 pages. by Cowardin & Hammersley. Richmond. November 28, 1862.  

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