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Civil War Artifacts
Civil War Artifacts  

Civil war artifacts 1
Civil war artifacts 1  
Hi Gary

I found these artifacts in Varina VA near Camp Holly. I was wondering if you have any idea of what they are and if they are part of the Civil War. I am not an expert and was metal detecting with my son on my friends large property.  Thank you very much

Ok, I don't know if the instructions were clear where it said "you had to make arrangements for me to go metal detecting too"? [wink] But on a serious note when making these kinds of pictures you want to shoot on contrasting color a sheet, poster board and have something for scale i.e. quarter.  With that I could only send you to people who do it enough and who have helped in the past.

I don't know anyone anymore, the people I knew are old like me and are retired but most of  them are great guys only too glad to help.  I am sorry I was of no help and only passed the buck.  Good hunting. Gary.

There were many great sites there on Rt 5 just make sure you get permission I would suggest there in writing.  If you go down the route and anywhere it crosses water go check the banks I think you would be surprised and elated. Gary.

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