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Hi Gary,
One of my ancestors enlisted for the Union during the Civil War, he participated from Jan 1863 to Oct. 1864. His pension documents states that he was station on "Gunboat #2,MO".
I would like to know what gunboat it refers to as #2,MO".
Thank you in advance for your insight.



John called me Friday night and we searched for three hours and found this:  Gunboat no 2 on the Mississippi River Fleet was USS Marmora. It is often referred to as "Tinclad No 2."
Marmora, a 207-ton stern-wheel "tinclad" river gunboat, was built in 1862 at Monongahela, Pennsylvania, as the civilian steamer Marmora Number 2. Purchased by the Navy and converted to a gunboat, she was commissioned October 1862. Marmora was soon sent to join the Federal forces campaigning against the Confederate fortress at Vicksburg, Mississippi. During the rest of 1862, she took part in mine clearance and other operations in the Yazoo River. In January 1863, Marmora went up the White River to help capture Fort Hindman, Arkansas, and subsequently was active on the Yazoo, White and Little Red Rivers. Decommissioned in July 1865, following the end of the Civil War, USS Marmora was sold the next month.  

Sorry for the confusion and I hope this clears things.  Regards, Gary.

Apparently we were right the first time out.  John Huffman is still looking but feels confident this is correct.  I still say order his papers and see what else you can learn.  Thank you for using our services.  Warm Regards,  Gary

Luis what I normally do in case like this is write is to contact the following Navy Archives; the National Archives and the Library of Congress which I have done as soon as they tell me to drop dead or provide a response I will be in touch.  Have you look up his retirement papers?  Gary.

I was told this it, but I am still waiting on confirmation.  Have a blessed day. Gary.

USS Baron DeKalb. Built in Missouri as an ironclad.
- Ordered: St. Louis (original name)
- Builder: James D. Eads - yard: St. Louis, MO
- Cost: $89,000 USD
- Laid down: August 1861
- Launched: October 12, 1861, Carondelet, Missouri
- Commissioned: January 31,1861
- September 8, 1862, renamed "Baron DeKalb"
- Struck: July, 13,1863
- Fate: Sunk by mine

I am still waiting for confirmation but this appears to be correct please bear with me. Gary.

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